404 N Hudson Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Greetings from Gold Fang Gallery!

Oklahomas premier Eco Friendly Tattoo Studio and Art gallery! Located in the Historic 404 building on Hudson Avenue in Downtown Oklahoma City.

Welcome to our new Website which has updated Artist portfolios, AfterCare, Q & A, and Tattoo request forms 🙂

What’s new in the news?

Gold Fang Gallery has finally completed its latest remodeling of artists area and booths,  adding more space for our ever expanding studio and staff. Two more Gallery walls have been added and will be showcasing local and international artists work on rotation along side our vast permeant collection.

Environmentally Sustainable Business !!

Currently Gold Fang as an art Gallery and Tattoo Studio is only using recyclables/compostables/biodegradable to conduct business and art within the gallery. Renee Little the owner of GoldFang has currently been traveling the country sharing her eco friendly tattoo business model as well as her Plein Air painting instruction

 Thank you and have a great week!

-Renee Little (owner and Artist)