404 N Hudson Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Renee Little

RENEE LITTLE (Owner) has been tattooing professionally since 2006 in St.Petersburg, FL. Excelling in Full Color, dot work and black/grey she can achieve either Realism, Illustrative Realism or neotraditional. Please be specific with the style or look of the tattoo you are wanting preferably from her own portfolio. She also specializes in coverups, scar camouflage.
Before dropping out of college to peruse tattooing, she studied field biology and and art. Renee has been a natrualist since birth, loving all the textures of flora and fauna and having only animals and books as friends. Animal portraits, bugs, birds and bones are highly excepted as also anything fantasy, she is most known for her magical gardens.

On her off time, she enjoys her three Norwegian forest cats of Hobbiton names, Teaching, Plein Air Paintingtraveling and some light carpentry adding flare to Gold Fang Gallery.

For teaching events at upcoming Tattoo/Arts Conventions please keep posted on her social media.

Places Renee Tattoos the most … Oklahoma, Florida , east coast.

If you would like to book for a Convention or guest spot you’ve seen her adversize, please indicate on your TATTOO REQUEST FORM. Convention Pricing ($1600 Full Day) ($800 Half Day) anything larger than 10X10” COLOR cannot be garenteed do to be finished in one session.

If you would like to be on her Oklahoma WAITLIST please indicate on your TATTOO REQUEST form.
(Waitlist is currently at max capacity, current wait time is 2 years)


Renee is most intrested in tattooing photo realism, illustrative, black work, or dot work styles. She likes tattoing animals, nature, flora and fauna, geometric, creatures and space. She rarely does script, water color, and photo realistic hummaniod portraits renee tattoos many sizes from full body or limb, to as small as your hand.


[email protected]



$200/hour - 2 hour minimum $1200 for full day

$250/hour - 2 hour minimum $1500 for full day


Renee's Work