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Renee Little

RENEE LITTLE (Owner) has been tattooing professionally since 2006 in downtown St.Petersburg Florida and apprenticed under Frankie D, Justin Swafford, and Ozzy Garcia. Renee has been a naturalist since birth loving the textures of flora and fauna and having only animals and books as friends. Animal portraits, bugs, birds and bones are highly excepted as also anything fantasy, she is most known for her magical gardens. On her off time, she enjoys her three Norwegian forest cats of Tolkien names, black metal, reading, Painting, inventing, and some heavy carpentry adding flare to Gold Fang Gallery. Renee has studied a diverse range of art forms from painting to theater and graduated from Pinellas County Center for the Arts in 2003. After graduation she moved her Interest to science with a focus on field Biology and Entomology at Saint Petersburg College. Renee pursued tattooing and rejoined her love of art when the recession hit and being a starving artist sounded limiting in those times of war. Tattooing at that time was considered more of a craft and Renee saw the opportunity to turn it into an art form. With veterans returning with scars and wounds of war, Renee's talents remain highly sought after for her scar camouflage and coverups. Achieving total body transformations with her applied knowledge of anatomy, and composition. She still focuses on custom, large scale, body forming tattoos and is only currently working with her longterm clients and those on her waitlist.

Anything larger than 10X10” COLOR cannot be guaranteed to be finished in one session.
-All current tattoo requests are added to the end of the waitlist, from first to last requested. (currently at a max capacity, expect 6 mo-1 year wait. even for request responses, a thoughtful response will be made, just not a fast one. )

-Please be specific with the style or look of the tattoo you are wanting preferably from her own portfolio. For coverups, scar camouflage requests, please include photo of.

-For teaching events at upcoming Tattoo/Arts Conventions or Events, please keep posted on her social media. If you would like Renee to travel and teach at your studio or event, please contact [email protected].


Renee is most intrested in tattooing photo realism, illustrative, black work, or dot work styles. She likes tattoing animals, nature, flora and fauna, geometric, creatures and space. She rarely does script, water color, and photo realistic hummaniod portraits renee tattoos many sizes from full body or limb, to as small as your hand.


[email protected]



$1200 for each Full day

$600 for each Half Day



$2000 for each Full day.

$1000 for each Half day


(large scale and color tattoos take multiple sessions, a rough estimate of how many sessions can be given after discussing the tattoos details)

Retainer/Deposit $600

(non Refundable/Deductible)

This amount is to be paid upon agreement of tattoo project during consultation, or email correspondence. This retainer ensures that Renee as agreed to the clients specific project and will prepare and adjust her life to complete said project. In any way this does NOT permit the client to treat Renee as an employee, or dictate how the tattoo will proceed unless previously discussed with Renee prior to her accepting the project,  for she is a private contractor with her own boundaries and guidelines.

-The total Amount of Retainer will be deducted from the final session of the project:)

-The total Amount of the Retainer will be forfeit if Client misses appointment via does not give 24 hours notice.  A new retainer will be required to schedule again.





Renee's Work