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Guest Artists: Amy C Nicholls and Lita Edwards

Gold Fang Gallery proudly announces the arrival of two incredible guest artists! Lita Edwards and Amy C Nicholls will grace our sanctum from April 17th-20th. Masters of the craft in their own rights, it is a unique opportunity to add a new piece of art to your collection. Read below to check out the artists and learn how to book with them.

Lita Edwards

a close-up photo of a tattoo of two roses over a mastectomy scar. The roses are pink and have foliage around them.


"Transforming Scars, Transforming Lives, One Drop of Ink at a Time"

"My love for this art form began early on, having come from a family of artists. After many years [and] professions as a creative artist/entrepreneur, tattooing is where I find myself home as a strong female artist. I change lives. It has given me purpose and reason and a platform to leave a legacy behind. Both rewarding and long, my journey is one full of miracles and magic." 

Lita is known for her bold colors, lace, florals, semi-realism, animals, watercolor, and large pieces. Please note, while Lita is with us at Gold Fang, she will only be booking clients who require mastectomy scar cover-ups, 3D areolas, camouflaging, and scar cover-ups of all kinds. 


To book with Lita, please email her at [email protected]

Amy C Nicholls


"Tattooing has become sacred to me. It's not about making money or keeping up with what the rest of the world is doing (although I do have to balance all of those factors still). It's about connection and sharing something with the world that I know that I have the power to create. It's about the world stopping for a bit and taking a day to practice: Gratitude, Art, Communication, Reflection, Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Sharing, Listening. The list goes on. So much beauty takes place in my little tattoo room. It's amazing what comes from the willingness to sit with pain and find relief. I look forward to experiencing this with as many as I can."

Amy's skills truly shine with organic themes such as animals, faces, and nature. Give her the trust and watch the magic come to life! 


To book with Amy, visit her website and fill the form at the bottom of the Contact page  here.

IMPORTANT: Clients must insert "OK" in the Name line before your name on the form to ensure your request is seen.