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Tattoo Prep & Aftercare

Tattoo Prep & Aftercare

Before your appointment

Avoid tanning beds or prolonged UV light, Retinol creams, chemical peels, cuts or scrapes on the tattoo area for at least a month prior to your session.

Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub (try our prep scrub) 2 - 3 days before the appointment and keep moisturized with lotion (try our whipped lotion).

Do not shave close to the tattoo area with a razor to avoid minor cuts, you may only trim the hair. Avoid excessive stress on the area to be tattooed to prevent swelling and soreness.

No sunburns please. If you have psoriasis, skin lesions, or any skin anomalies the tattoo procedure cannot proceed until the skin is clear and all around healthy condition.

Stay hydrated with water and eat  nutritious, well balanced meals. If you are on any specific diets that restrict you from doing this, please communicate this to your artist.


On the day of your appointment

Tattoo booths are for the artist and the client, and possibly one (only) additional supportive person. This person will be required to follow the same safety rules and expectations as we ask of you. They will be asked to leave if they are not compliant.

Children are NOT allowed  in the tattoo area and cannot be left unattended in the gallery.

Please come showered and dress comfortably. Wear clothing that allows easy access to the area being tattooed, without having to be rolled or held in place. Avoid tight clothing. Warm, comfortable layers are recommended. We do provide nipple covers for those who may need them for the area getting tattooed.

Please eat a proper nutritious meal within two hours of your appointment. Drink plenty of water.

Keep your schedule open and avoid scheduling activities immediately after your appointment, in case it runs longer than expected.

Enjoy our WIFI! Bring headphones, and enjoy a show on your device. We want you to be comfortable during your appointment.

Please avoid using numbing creams on your skin. Trust us! They can interfere with the tattooing process and healing.

Free free to bring snack and drinks.


During your appointment

While tattooing the artist will need to gently pull, push skin for efficient tattooing, please be still 🙂 It's important to minimize movement during the tattooing process. Even subtle actions like talking, hand gestures, or head jerking can impact the quality of your tattoo and the speed of your artist.

Please communicate with your artist. Let them know of any discomfort immediately. Your artist will guide you on how to sit properly.

Enjoy refreshments and snacks during your session, provided by the studio.

Avoid cross-contamination and infection by following these simple rules: Do not touch your stencil, tattoo or skin close to it during your session. Do not touch any equipment that is on the artist's work tray or counters, including trash cans and floors. Keep your belongings off the floors. Your tattoo MUST be covered outside of the tattoo booth. Before taking bathroom or meal breaks, inform your artist so they can properly wrap up your fresh tattoo before you exit their booth. Wear shoes while walking outside of the tattoo area. Bring slides if you wish to be in comfy socks during your session. There will be no bare feed outside the tattoo area.

We are responsible to keeping everyone safe and healthy. To help us maintain cleanliness, if you feel you have contaminates on your hands, please use our facilities to wash your hands and use the hand sanitizers provided throughout the studio.

Tattoo Care Instructions: After your appointment

We care deeply about the quality of our work and your tattoo. Make sure to care for it the best you can by following our steps. If you have any questions please reach out to your artist. These are minimal requirements to meet our project agreements stated in your tattoo request agreement. If you stray and have a bad heal, you are financially liable for touch up sessions, not the artist or studio.

  1. Keep the bandage on for the maximum of 4-6 hours. It's normal to see blood or fluids under the bandage at this point. Do not take off bandage until ready to wash for this fluid will dry and form a scab. Your first wash can be messy, be prepared. Make sure your sink/ shower is cleaned and aftercare is accessible.
  2. With clean hands, wash your tattoo with hands only using an unscented antibacterial soap (try our foam shop), using small circular motions with moderate pressure while touching the tattoo.
  3. Rinse with clean water and repeat until the tattoo is clean from slimy fluids build up. Wash Rinse Repeat!
  4. Pat dry with clean paper towel(s).
  5. With clean hands, use a small amount of salve/ointment (try our aftercare salve) and apply by gentle massaging (gentle circular motions with moderate pressure) over the circumference of the tattooed skin, during the healing process. Use Make sure not to double dip, or contaminate your salve with dirty hands. Repeat steps (2-5) for 3 days, 3 times a day.
  6. On the fourth day, switch form ointment/ salve to a moisturizing, unscented lotion (try our whipped lotion) and keep moisturizing to aid the healing dry skin.

During this time, your skin may become flaky like a sunburn peel.

Keep washing with antibacterial soap.

Do NOT pick or pull off dry dead skin. Expect this to be the itchiest stage. Keep moisturizing with lotion.


Things to AVOID for one (1) month after tattoo session

Avoid tanning beds or any prolonged UV light, tight clothes over the tattoo, excessive rubbing, scratching, or pulling the skin. No close shaving, exfoliation, or overusing ointments.
Do not contaminate your tattoo with bacteria, animal salvia, other peoples sweat, harsh body washes or chemicals.
Dirty sheets (Keep your bedding clean), dirty water, soaking in water, or any body of water.