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Aftercare and Prepare

Every tattoo is custom to the client and so is the after care. if uncertain please feel free to contact me with your questions. here are some general simple steps to ensure your safety and proper healing of your new tattoo.

1. Your new tattoo is considered an open wound in my book for at least one month. should be washed everyday at least three times a day with an antimicrobial or antibacterial soap that has no fragrances, dyes or perfumes.

Wash your hands before and after every time you touch your new tattoo.

2. Depending on the tattoo we will recommend either a virgin food grade Coconut oil or a product called Armor Gel for the first 2-3 days 3 times a day.(you will use the smallest amount, take a tea spoon amount and gently massage into the tattoo, blot with a clean paper towel any excess).

3. On day 3-4 switch to a non scented lotion.

Do Not:

Pick, or scrub your new tattoo. Expose it to the sun for long durations. Touch with dirty hands. Soak in tub or pool. Animal dander, scratches, tight clothing, or being suffocated.

If there are complications due to not following your custom after care, my guarantee in voided and the most current hourly rate will be implemented.

Prepare Before Hand

- Lightly exfoliate three days prior to appointment. (A little sugar and coconut oil does wonders for dry skin)

      -leave the close shave to us, you may only lightly trim hair with an electric shaver before hand.

- Make sure to be well rested, fed, and hydrated before tattoo appointment. we suggest bringing a small snack such as candy or sports bar for long (3 to 4 hour) sitting tattoos.

- Wear appropriate clothing so we may access the area to be tattooed.

- No sunburns please. If you have psoriasis, skin lesions, or any skin anomalies the tattoo procedure cannot proceed until the skin is clear and all around healthy condition.

– we do not tattoo anyone while they are pregnant or nursing. Please schedule with your artist accordingly.

- If you are allergic to latex no worries!… we use only non powered nitrile gloves.

-Inform your artist If you have any specific allergies or if you are on any medications (such as blood thinners).

- we use Organic Vegan Friendly Inks and am also 100% disposable.