404 N Hudson Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Krystal Goforth

From a young age, Krystal Goforth has always had a passion for art. In 2021 she began her journey to make it more than a hobby. While falling deeper in love with the art of tattooing, she pushes herself to explore different styles and techniques. Krystal can be described as a culinary enthusiast - constantly exploring new recipes and dishes to make. To support this hobby, she also gardens and grows some of her own vegetables. She also enjoys spending time (and causing shenanigans) with her husband and two boys.


I enjoy exploring different styles and techniques! I have found a lot of enjoyment with illustrative, Neo traditional, and color pieces. I’m always open to discuss your ideas and make your vision happen!

I welcome pieces of all sizes - from fine line-work to full coverage


I price by the project - it’s dependent on size, detail, and placement.

Krystal's Work